Paracord Snake




Introduction: Paracord Snake

Hey guys, I've gotten a lot a feedback about my profile photo, asking about an instructable on how to make the Paracord snake pictured, so I brought up this:

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Alright, so you will need:
-Wire coat hanger
-Needle nosed pliers
-Wire Cutter
-Zip ties (optional)
-Jig (optional)
-Pink/Red marker or sharpie (optional)

Step 2: Connecting the Two Cords

I decided to use two different color cords for this project and the first step is to melt them together.

You do not need to melt the ends together if you are using the same color cord

Step 1: Acquire two 6 foot lengths of Paracord
Step 2: Heat one of the cords ends with a lighter
Step 3: Push the cords together

Don't worry how the connection looks because we will cut it off later

Step 3: Making the Head

For this step I decides to use a jig, but it will need a bit of modification.
I put zip ties on the ends of the buckles, and threaded the cord through those.

Step 1: Loop the cords around and thread them through the top zip tie.
Step 2: I made the length for the head about 3 1/2 inches in length
Step 3: Cross the right cord over the center line
Step 4: Thread the left cord under the center cords and through the loop created by the right cord
Step 5: Tighten around a centimeter above the zip tie
Step 6: Make a loop around the middle line on the right side with the right working cord
Step 7: Take the left cord and thread it over-under-over through the middle cords
Step 8: Take the right cord and bring it over and under the middle cords
Step 9: Tighten

Repeat steps 3 through 8 as indicate by the pictures.

Remember to keep the head wider in the middle then taper it to a thinner width

Step 10: After finishing the desired length of the head, you will need to cut off the zip ties
Step 11: Pull the end where the two cords are melted together downwards
Step 12: Cut the end with the melted paracord off, but keep 2 cm on

Step 4: Making the Head Part 2

Now that we have finished the hood of Cobra, we move on to the actual head of the snake

Step 1: Take about 4 feet of Paracord (I used red) and fold it in half
Step 2: Pull the loop through four rows upwards
Step 3: Pull one end of the cord through the side of the hood
Step 4: Tighten
Step 5: Do the same for the other side
Step 6: IMPORTANT- remember to push the two little strands aside when you make the head
Step 7: Put the right cord under the loop
Step 7: Thread the left cord over the middle loop and into the loop created by the right cord
Step 9: Tighten, this is known as a cobra knot or cobra braid
Step 10: Repeat steps 6 through 8

When you have done enough knots to reach the end of the loop, you can cut off the excess and melt the ends with a lighter

Step 5: Making the Head Part 3

Now we will move on to the bottom jaw of the snake.

Step 1: Acquire 4 feet of Paracord, the same color you used on the top jaw
Step 2: Make a regular cobra braid on the two little strands
Step 3: Keep on making cobra braids until you reach the end of the chords
Step 4: Cut off the excess and melt the ends
Step 5: Cut the little protrusions off and melt
Step 6: Cut the loop off and melt
Step 7: Take your pink or red marker and color on the melted ends so the blend in better

Step 6: Making the Tongue

Step 1: Take a small piece of pink paracord
Step 2: Melt one end very well and press it down so it's flat
Step 3: Spread the mouth of the snake
Step 4: Place the Pink cord into the back of the mouth of the snake
Step 5: Cut and the tongue to the desired length
Step 6: OPTIONAL To make a forked tongue, you'll need to pull the white strands out of the Paracord then make a little cut in the tip of the cord.

Step 7: Making the Fangs

Step 1: Take two (2) toothpicks and cut them in thirds with the wire cutter
Step 2: Push them through the top of the head into the mouth area

Alright, so your done with the head now! The next thing we need to do is get started on the body of the snake.

Step 8: Making the Body of the Snake

Next, you'll need some paracord and the longest piece of wire you can cut off in a wire coat hanger.

Step 1: Gut the Paracord
Step 2: Put the wire inside the Paracord
Step 3: Melt the ends well and press them onto the wire so that the wire moves with the cord
Step 4: Push it into the hood about 4 rows in

Step 9: Making the Body of the Snake Part 2

Now you will need 8 feet of cord of each color on hand

Step 1: Use the needle nosed pliers to thread the cord four rows up into the hood
Step 2: Do the same thing for the other cord
Step 3: Melt the ends well and pull the cord down until it almost disappears, then press it into the hood
Step 4: Make a cobra braid/knot
Step 5: Continue making cobra knots until you reach the end of the wire

When you reach the end of the wire, make four (4) more cobra braids.

Step 6: Cut the excess of the cords
Step 7: Melt the ends

Step 10: Finished!

Congratulations! You've made yourself a Paracord Cobra. I hope that you enjoyed my instructable, and I hope that you will vote for me in the Summer Fun contest!
Thank you for all the positive feedback on my instructables!

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3 years ago

i made three of these nice and neat


5 years ago

How long of paracord total would this require at minimum? From what I read, it looks like it needs about 36 ft at minimum altogether. Is that about right? I'm thinking about making this as a Christmas gift


Reply 5 years ago

I would use a little more than expected, so around 40 - 50 feet of cord just in case.


5 years ago

is it any good in scaring off those squirrels?


5 years ago

Very cool!