Introduction: Paracord Storage

If you have ever gotten into the hobby of creating paracord items then you know the pain of having to untangle your paracord every time you want to use it. Well I have created a simple and easy way to store you paracord. You will use common household items that are thrown away every day and a few common tools.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:
1. Cardboard
2. toilet paper roll
3. electrical or duct tape
4.knife or razor blade(razor is a better selection)
5.Permanent marker
7.Paracord or other cordage to roll on it

Step 2: Drawing Your Circles

Take you compass and draw two circles on your carboard about 1in-1.5in out from the center for 550 paracord or smaller and 1.5in-2in for anything larger. You you dont have a compass then use the link below.

Step 3: Marking Your Toilet Roll

take your toilet paper roll, take the dot made by the compass, and align it in the center of your toilet paper roll. Then take your marker and mark around the toilet paper roll. Do this for both of your circles. You may be asking why you must do this but with my next instructable I will be making a modular shelf to store your rolls of paracord on.

Step 4: Cutting the Center

Take your knife or razor blade and cut out the center that you just marked. The razor Blade is better for this so you dont misshape the end cap. What I did is made a cutting line with the razor blade then went back through with a knife to cut it out. I looked nicer in the end. Do this to both your end caps

Step 5: Taping the Endcaps to the Toilet Roll

Take your tape and tape the endcap to the roll as shown in the picture. Do six tapes on the outside and three tapes on the inside. Again do this for both ends.

Step 6: Cutting the Slits

Take your knife and cut slits into the endcaps to pull your cord down into so it wont all unravel when you let go. Do four slits on each side because you never know where your paracord will land when you cut it.

Step 7: Rolling Your Paracord

Take the end of your paracord, put a small piece of tape on it and put it in the corner of your roll. Once you've done this you are ready to begin rolling paracord.

Step 8: Tips on Rolling Paracord

1. if you are rolling paracord that is fresh out of the package and is not out of its original shape follow its pattern while rolling it on the spool.
2.if your rolling from a pile of tangled paracord, untangle it then roll it. it saves time and you a lot of frustration

Step 9:

You have created a spool for you to store paracord and other cordage onto easily. hope this helped and thank you for checking out my first instructable. follow me for the modular paracord spool shelf.

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