Introduction: Paracord Storage - Tangle Free!

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If you're reading this, you probably know just how awesome paracord is. However a struggle that has followed me around as long as I've used paracord, has been the tangles. Now, knots are cool, but only when you want them to be there. It's always been difficult for me to take my paracord on the road, store them, put them in my backpack, etcetera, without pulling it out to be full of tangles.

Butno longer. That is all going to change with this weave.

Step 1:

I find this weave unique, because while it looks tightly woven and knotted, with a few quick pulls it becomes a dispenser. It can unweave as much or as little, as fast or as slow, as you need at a time. Just pull on the loop at the end, and start pulling. It unravels slowly to give you as much length as you need and no more.

Here is the disk being unraveled:

Step 2: Start of the Weave

Begin the weave by making 6 loops in the paracord. The more paracord you have, the larger you'll want the loops to be. However keep them on the smaller side.

Take the end with the vast majority of rope on it and make a small loop in it. While keeping the loop pinched, wrap the excess around the 6 loops once and bring it through the loop. When bringing some through, don't pull all of the excess, just a little, into another loop. Pull on the new loop inside the original to tighten the original.

Step 3: Continue the Process

Continue to pinch and pull some excess into a loop, and pull through the old loop. Then wrap the excess around the 6 loops and begin again. From here on you're going to repeat the process over and over, until you get to the end. Depending on how much paracord you have, you might make it all the way around the circle and still have exccess. This is totally okay, just continue on and it will overlap.

Step 4: End of the Line

By the time you reach the end, just leave the last little loop sticking out. Then, take them on the go, store them flat, throw them around even. They aren't getting tangled up any more! Enjoy the freedom of working on your paracord projects at your own pace, not having to carry around spools with you. Just pull and go!

Thanks to all of the support you guys give me, it's truly a privilege to be part of such a great website and community. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or advice. You guys rock!

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