Introduction: Paracord Survival Watch

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a watch with about 7ft of Paracord. Thy cord can generally be any size you want s long as it fits the clip you are using. This watch will be helpful for any who may need it in a survival situation.

Step 1: Materials

What you are going to need for this build:

-Durable digital watch (Nothing too expensive)

-Paracord (colour of your choosing)

-2 nails or screws

-clips of your choosing (I am using basic plastic clips)

-flat head screwdriver for fitting the strap


-drill with bit that is same size as your nails or screws

First thing you need to do is measure your wrist. Take the measurement and make it feet. 1in=1ft, 8in=8ft, ect...

Step 2: Making the First Strap

First cut the cord to half its original length. (Half for each side) To make the strap take your first nail or screw and wrap the paracord around it and loop the cord between the cord you wrapped around the nail. Then pull the cord until it is tight. (It doesn't matter if the sides are even if you have enough extra length)Take one side and make a loop on one side, take the other side and loop it on the other side of the cord and pull it tight. Repeat until you reach the clip. (Try to measure it to make sure it fits correctly)

If you need help look up how to make a paracord bracelet for the general idea.

Step 3: Securing First Strap

Take your drill bit that is EQUAL in size, if not a very tiny bit smaller for screws, and drill a hole on one side of the strap holder. Take a slightly smaller bit and feed it through your previously drilled hole and drill the other side so it is level. (Repeat on other side) Put your already made strap against the watch and put the nail or screw in the hole you just made. Mark the length of the nail with sharpie for a future step. Cut and burn the excess paracord for the next step.

Step 4: Finishing the First Strap

Take your flat head screwdriver and lift up the first section of your strap. Use the screwdriver to push the excess cord through the part you just lifted up. Repeat this until the excess cord is completely covered up, then repeat for the other end. Use the mark from earlier and cut the nail with your saw (Or a file works if you are willing to take more time on it) and file down any sharp edges.

Step 5: Making the Second Strap

Fit the nail into the other side and make the strap the same way as the previous one, but using your other side of the clip.

Step 6: Finishing Touches (Optional)

If needed push down the screw or nail for the straps and glue it in. Also if needed file down the strap holders to be flush with the screw or nails.

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