Introduction: Paracord Tent Or, Hobos Tent

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This "ible" is going to show the process of making a tent in 20 (about) minutes. With a few easy supplies: paracord, a tarp, and trees.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

You will need:

Para cord (I actually didn't have enough paracord, so I supplemented with used hay twine)
A tarp (painters plastic will work as well)
and posts (trees are easiest)

tools you will need:
A knife
A tomahawk, camp axe, hachet or other similar tool (not absolutly neccesary, but it makes it easier)

Step 2: Step 1, Pick Your Spot

Find a spot that looks good, pick two trees about 8-10 feet apart (changes on the size of your tarp).
The ground will probably have sticks and rocks you don't want. Clear those away.

Step 3: Step 2, Put Up the Main Line

string the paracord up between the two trees you picked. Pull it tight, that paracord can stretch!

On the first tree I just tied a slip knot an pulled it tight, walked it over to the second tree, pulled it good and taut, wrapped around the tree several times (that way it isn't pulling back while I tie the second knot) and tied it tight.

Note on height: Remember, you can make it good and tall, but then it can't be nice and wide, I suggest it be a little taller than you sitting down.

Step 4: Step 3, Make the Stakes.

     I went and found a small sapling, maybe 6 or so feet tall. perfect for tent stakes.

     chop, break or whittle the sapling into 5 different pieces (yes, 5, you'll see in a sec).

    Choose the biggest heaviest piece, and set it aside. That is your baton, better for hitting stakes than your knife or tomahawk. The other 4 pieces, whittle one side into a point, make it a decent tapered point to, you wqant it to be easy to pound in. On the top, if you want to, carve in a little divot to catch the cord. All this took me about ten minutes, while taking pictures.

Step 5: Step 4, Put It Together

This is pretty easy, just drape the tarp over the main line. tie on lines where you want them (I did two corners and in the middle, the tarp was pretty long). Attach the lines to the stakes, pull them out taut, and pound in. It's really easy (I mean hey, I came up with it, it's not hard :p )

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