Introduction: Paracord Vape Tank Stands

a cheap, simple way to keep your vape tanks (a.k.a. atomizers, attys, etc.) upright.

Step 1: Handy.

first off, this is to show off an idea, not so much a how-to.

i am not going to explain how to do the braiding, so please don't ask. there are plenty of instructables (and videos on youtube) for that. i used a standard 'cobra' braid because they are fast to make, thick enough to hold the tank, and because i needed to find a use for a bunch of 3/8" buckles i have.

i wanted to make vape tank stands, as the tanks have a tendency to make a mess if they are laying on their side. braiding paracord is easy to do once you've done it a few times; i like to work on paracord projects while i am watching tv.

and as i found out, you can make these with about 18" of cord, which is useful for me, as i had a bunch of cutoffs from other projects that i didn't want to just throw away.

Step 2: Dandy.

as you can see from the picture, these are just really short paracord bracelets.

the length of the 'bracelet' you will need depends on your tank. you can see in the picture the lengths of 3 of the ones i have made; feel free to use that as a base point for your project.

in my experience, 18" to 2 feet should be more than enough for these done with a simple cobra braid.

your personal equipment/experience/crafting will change that, of course.

take the idea and go with it!

i found out today that they make excellent tank bumpers...had a tank off my mod, and it fell onto concrete. i think the paracord saved the tank...