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I made this wallet from approximately 28' of gutted paracord. As long as you have a pararcord needle (also called a fid) this project is no problem. You can purchase them online or make one yourself. Mine was an aluminum tent stake before I machined it on my lathe.  

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Step 1: Measure Your Money

The measurements are based off a dollar. I wanted it to be big enough to hold folded bills. With that in mind I took five 3"x5" cards and cut them down to 2&3/4" wide. I did the same to another 5 cards and taped them offset so they measured 6&1/4" long (a dollar is 6" long). These taped off cards served as my form. Having completed the project I would recommend adding 3/4" more length to the form past the length of the bill. I only did 1/4" longer and it left the bills hanging out some.   

Step 2: Flat Iron the Cord

I used 2 sections of cord. Each about 14' long. First I removed the inner strands. I then tied it to a door handle and ran the cord around the iron until is was completely flat. You can see in the picture that it starts out round and by the time it runs through it's flat. Do this to both colors. 

Step 3: Wrap the Form

Trim and melt the starting end. Tape it to the form and wrap it all the way down. Once you get down to other end, tape it off, trim, and melt. 

Step 4: Start Weaving

The weave is a basic over and under pattern. On one side of the card there is 31 wraps. On the other, 32. One side of the form will be woven all the way through. The other side will be split in half,16 & 16. This creates the two credit card pockets. Keep weaving back and forth until all the wraps are woven. 

Step 5: Finish Off

After removing the form I trimmed off the loose ends and melted them. I then used super glue to glue the free ends down. Because I had an odd number of weaves, I was left with a row of open loops at one end. I simply ran another piece of cord through and glued the ends down.

Thanks for reading.  
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