Introduction: Paracord Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuit shoulders starting to show some wear! Time for an upgrade!

Step 1: Tools Required

Screw gun/drill, hand saw, lighter, scissors or something to cut the paracord & something pointy to push the paracord through the holes.

Step 2: Materials

Pretty simple parts list just an old wetsuit hanger little bit of paracord & some PVC pipe (l used 3/4")

Step 3: PVC Pipe

Cut you pipe to your desired width I just cut mine a little wider then my wetsuit when it's folded in half (never mind how wide that is). After your pipe is cut fish the paracord through the center and lay it aside for now.

Step 4: Hanger

Drill a couple holes in the hanger for the paracord then cut off the excess. If you had a straighter hanger you could leave it full length still putting the paracord to the middle and then use the excess to dry your surf booties on, just a thought!

Step 5: Final Assembly

Stick the paracord through the holes in the hanger then tie them off. I left my cord long then hung my wetsuit up on it and shortened it up on one end till I liked it! Then just cut off the extra paracord and melt it with a lighter!

Step 6: Mission Complete

All done! Should get a couple extra years out of my suit now that the shoulders won't wear out! Hope this was helpful! Enjoy the Surf!

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