Introduction: Paracord Dog Collar Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a paracord dog collar. I will show you the most popular design used to make collars out of paracord, namely the double cobra knot collar.
Originally I made this tutorial for my website, Paracord Guild, which you are welcome to visit for additional paracord projects, including other paracord dog collar designs.
This collar has two layers. Both are made with the cobra knot, one over the other.

The project does not take long to make, but you need to be careful to not make mistakes. Undoing it and redoing is a waste of precious time.

Stuff you need

You will need two pieces of paracord, a buckle (if the dog is big, get a metal version) and a ring to hook the leash/lead onto.


Measure the circumference of your dogs neck. Make it a loose fit so you will not make it too tight.

Attach the buckle for the first layer of cord. This is basically a bracelet that is a bit longer.

After you have made a series of cobra knots, simply take the other cord you will use to make the top layer with and repeat the process, covering the first row with another. After a couple of knots, be sure to add the metal ring so you can attach a leash. This layer will give it a nice, wide and prettier look that your dog will be proud to wear.

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