Introduction: Paracord Helix, Hacked Version

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Hello Knotty People ..LOL,

So you have seen many tutorials for creating a paracord Helix or DNA or twister or Cyclonic Fob...right? Me too :), (what a beautiful coincidence :] ). So why another tutorial? Well, like I said it is a hacked version, which means it is not like traditional knots you have been tying to make a helix, in fact it was an accidental outcome while making something totally different. So named as Hacked Version.

I was trying to learn to make Trilobite Knot from one of the books of JD (amazing person) of and something happened (keep reading to find out) by mistake and resulted in a beautiful helix knot, so my dear friends I thought of sharing the idea with you.

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to make a zipper pull , a bracelet and an awesome helix fob, so that is a 3-in-1 combo. And don't worry, you will only make one thing and rest will follow. How cool is that :)

If you notice the picture carefully and if you have seen a paracord helix before, you may be able to notice few subtle differences. Doesn't it look more like a spiral stair case :).

Lets begin the fun.

Step 1: Usual Paracord Stuff You Need

  1. Some paracord, I used around 8 feet for this tutorial.
  2. A cigarette lighter.
  3. A scissor.
  4. A small hook or something to hold the paracord, like a binder pin.

Step 2: Hook Up

See images above and follow:

NOTE: Before you begin, secure your hook to a wall or a piece of wood or your work bench.

  1. Find the middle of the cord
  2. Create a M shape
  3. Hook the two loops, left loop over right, such that a figure 8 is formed (see image).
  4. Pull the middle loop below, this will be the desired length of your Helix.

Step 3: First Weave

See images above and follow:

  1. Insert the right end of the cord, under the left end.
  2. Insert the left cord end from below the cord inserted in 1, from behind the middle loop, towards right, over the right loop (see image). Notice a knot is just formed.

NOTE: At this point, you may choose if you want to make a more prominent helix curve or a normal one. If you pull the cord now to make the weave tight and if you continue to do so, you will make a helix with small curves (like the hot pink one in the main picture of this tutorial). Otherwise a weave with moderate tightness will yield a bigger helix curve (like the white one). Your call.

Step 4: Be Patient and Continue Weaving.

See images above and follow:

  1. Circle the right cord around the right running cord.
  2. Circle the left cord around the left running cord.
  3. Extend and insert the left cord below the from middle loop and over the right running cord. (See images)
  4. Extend the right cord from above the middle loop and insert it below the left running cord. (See images)
  5. Pull left and right cords carefully to make the weave firm. Do you see the beautiful pattern coming? :)
  6. Keep repeating 1-5 till you touch the hook.

NOTE: During the weave two wonderful things will happen.

  1. If you fall in love with the shape, you may stop in the middle before your weave touch the hook, cut and singe. You will get your Trilobite zipper pull.
  2. If you continue till the weave touch the hook and stop, you will find a cool looking bracelet :)

Cool..isn't it ? I told you , you will get 3-in-1 deal :))

So now you have completed the weave, time for the surprise .

Step 5: Remove the Hook, Cut and Singe

See images and follow:

  1. Remove the top loops from the hook.
  2. Pull the loop below carefully to squeeze the loops above.
  3. Cut the running cords as close as possible to the weave.
  4. Burn and singe carefully. (See images above)

Sorry, your surprise is just next :)

Step 6: Pull for a Surprise

See images above and follow:

  1. Hold the fob where the weave begins and pull the loop, did you see that the fob is automatically twisting itself.
  2. Keep pulling and embrace your surprise :).
  3. Pull tight.
  4. Circle your thumb with the cords and tie a simple knot, but close to the weave. this will prevent the twist from loosening.

Tada... you have just hacked a knot to make something totally unexpected and cool.

Thank you so much for your time to read this ible, please do share your comments, suggestions and feedback.

I hope you like it.

You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

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