Introduction: Paracord Multipurpose Drawstring Bag

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From past few days i was thinking about posting a different here i am with a paracord project..!! :D

i would like to clear it now that i am not the originator of this bag or this kind of knotting.

This kind of bag is very common and i saw a similar bag few days ago. It is very simple but takes a lot of time and patience.

it can carry fruits, vegetables, towels , quilt...etc...etc..

Step 1: Materials

• paracord - 48 meter • a pair of scissors • lighter • clip hanger • thick wire • meter tapeyou will also need : • pliers • some beads(optional) • a hook (optional)

Step 2: Cut the Cord

1. cut 20 pieces of length 90 inch each.
2. remaining piece will make the drawstring.

so there must be total 21 pieces of cord.

Step 3: Prepare the Base

1. Take a piece of thick wire of about 32 to 34 inch.
2. make a ring of it.
3. bend the ends just enough so they could hook together.
4. now take the remainder piece of cord and double it up.
5. then twist it around the wire and tie the two ends of cord with a loose knot.
6. tie the excess drawstring with a rubber band.
7. hang the base ring on a clip hanger with the help of string.

Step 4: Knot Knot Knot

1. tie all 20 pieces of cord to the base/drawstring in a lark's head knot.

Take one of your 90 inch cords, fold it in half, then take the looped end and put it behind the wire/base cord. Then bend it down over the wire, and draw the hanging end through the loop. Then pull it tight. (see pictures)

Do that for all the rest of the cords, spaced an inch or two apart

2. tie rest of the knots as shown in pictures. i used double knots.

3. space your knots about an inch apart, as in the picture, and go around in rows. Pull the knots tight.

4. As you get further down, start spacing the knots a little bit farther apart.

5. When your knot rows get near the bottom, start decreasing the distance between knots to decrease the size of the base, until you can't any more. Then, start skipping pairs of cord.

6. The skipped cords will form the fringe at the bottom.there will come a stage where you can't make any more knots.

7. Now unhook the metal ring and slide it out.

8. You'll be left with a drawstring handle,be careful not to accidentally pull it out.

9. Untie the original loose knot and make a stronger one near the end.

10. Trim the fringe ends to the length you want, and tie a little knot in the end of each one. melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 5: Locking

1. take a small piece of same cord(about 35 cm).
2. place it below the drawstring and make a sliding square knot.

you can hang few beads with a hook if you want..

and your bag is done..!! :D

i hope you like it..!

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