Introduction: Paracord Rifle Strap

I have made a 50 inch paracord rifle strap, using 3 different colors. The person I made this for is bigger and her rifle is black/pink cammo. Hence why I chose the colors I did and the length.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this we will be using 100' black, 18' of light pink and 16' of hot pink paracord.

2 universal rifle clips

2 lacing needles

knife and lighter

Step 2: Tie Center Strands

Cut 10" off of the 18' light pink cord. Then loop it through both through both rifle loops. If you want to hide the seam pull the cord so the end will be covered by the lacing as shown.

Step 3: Begin Tying Main Color

Cut two sections of your main color as per the formula of 4' ties down to 5"

So for this 50'' strap, You'l need two 40' sections.

Start tying the main color cord down one set of center cords as shown.

Step 4: Continue Down

Here you can see it beginning to take shape. A cobra knot is what is used all the way down. Dont worry about pulling it too tight. The lacing later will take care of that.

Step 5: Keep Tying Down

Continue down to the end of the one side. Cut and melt your ends and begin on the other set of center cords.

Step 6: Tie Second Set

After a few hours of tying cord, your hands should be sore. Your almost there.

Make sure both sections are the same length before you cut and melt the ends on the second set.

Step 7: Begin Lacing

Take the 16' color of choice and twist the lacing needles on both ends. Push the needle through the loop right at the top between the two cobra tied sections.

Step 8: Lace Together

Keep picking the loops on the inside of the separation and use a zig zag pattern. Working with both ends at the same time makes it go quicker and less chance of an error.

Step 9: Continue Down

Keep lacing and pulling tight as you go.

Step 10: Finish It Up

Lace down the full length. Make sure all loops are even and tight before you melt the ends.

Step 11: Admire and Use

Role up and give as a gift or attach to rifle and enjoy.

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