Introduction: Paracord Wrapped Maglight (glow in the Dark)

I purchased some glow in the dark paracord and thought it would be cool to wrap a flashlight with it. There has been plenty of times I haven't been able to find my torch in the middle of the night while camping, etc. Hopefully-this will help me find it when I need it.

The wrap used is spiral hitching. A great video on spiral hitching by TIAT can be found HERE .

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and materials needed:

1 AA LED Maglight
2. 7 feet of glow in the dark 550 paracord ( )
3. Scissors
4. Lighter

Step 2: Clove Hitch

Start out by tying a clove hitch on the bottom of the flashlight.

Position the knot at the end of the flashlight and tighten the knot. Leave about an inch of slack on the standing end for snugging/tightening later.

Step 3: Spiral Hitching

Rotate the flashlight and begin half hitching.

Bring the cord to the top of the flashlight and make a loop

Rotate the loop up and bring over the top of the flashlight

Tighten the knot by bringing the cord all the way down

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Continue the half hitch process for the remainder of the flashlight.

The spiral hitching will occur with each half hitch.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Make sure the flash light is in the off position (headlight full clockwise position)

Tighten the hitching so that it will not impede with operation.

Starting at the bottom loose end-tighten cord as much as possible (may have loosened during spiral hitching)

Leave a 1/4 inch of cord, and trim off excess.

Use your lighter to turn the 1/4 inch of excess into bubbling magma.

Use a wet finger to smooth the magma onto the other cords to lock it in place.

Repeat above process for the other loose end.

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