Parallel Shift Register in Circuits Cloud

Introduction: Parallel Shift Register in Circuits Cloud

What is circuits-cloud?

Circuits Cloud is provides online web site, in-browser tools for schematic capture and circuit simulation. It is the first project of its kind that refers to an educational website developed as a technological tool for understanding the logic circuits operation. Easy wire modes connect elements with fewer clicks and less frustration. Circuits cloud makes you design circuits quickly and easily with modern and intuitive user interface with drag and drop, grouping, zoom and more.

Step 1: Login

For new user there are two chose either create a new account or sign in with any email address that is currently listed on Google or Facebook.

Step 2: Getting Start With Circuits Cloud

1. Select circuit editor. Window of circuits cloud Workspace will open to you.

2. Choose the digital type of simulation.

Step 3: Design the Parallel Shift Register

as shown in the figure above we need D flip flops , multiplexers ( 4-1 ) , CLK , digital inputs , input/output terminals

1. drag and drop the components

2. The connection is appear in the figure, just click and hold to wire the pin between components symbol

3. Go to file.

4. save it.

5. run the circuit

Step 4: Simulation

After running the circuit, check these cases:

When load,shift =

00 -----> Shift right

01 -----> Shift left

10 -----> load

11 -----> no change


you can check the circuit:

and this is a video for simulation:

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