Introduction: Parallel Zombie Tag

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Learning Objective: Helping students distinguish between parallel and perpendicular lines.

The game is simple and fun. It could be used for an activity day and a good way to engage the students’ minds during recess. I will explain the basics of how to play and then add some optional twists

Step 1: Where the Game Works Best

Tag always involves lots of running and screaming, so you can imagine that zombie tag would only intensify this. Therefore, you need an open space like a gym, outside basketball court or football field. Once a location is selected,

Establish Boundaries:

This way your students don't end up running out in the road.

Designate A Penalty For Stepping Outside The Boundary Lines:

For example, they automatically become zombies, or, they must sit out for the rest of the game.

Step 2: Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple.

1)  Designate someone a “parallel zombie”. In which their hands must be extended in parallel fashion at all points in the game (even while running).
2) All other students are pedestrians.
3) Pedestrians must keep from being tagged by the “parallel zombie”
4) Once tagged, the pedestrian become a “parallel zombie”
5) The only defense the pedestrians have against the “parallel zombies” is their 'perpendicular cross'.
6) Pedestrians can only hold up the 'perpendicular cross' for a specific amount of time to which they must count out loud (say 10 seconds).
7) After all pedestrians have been turned to “parallel zombies” the game is over.

Step 3: Picture of Parallel Zombie

Remember, whomever is designated a “Parallel Zombie” must extend their hands in parallel fashion at all times, even when they are attempting to tag someone!

Step 4: Pedestrians and Their Perpendicular Cross

Pedestrians must hold their fingers perfectly perpendicular in order to be safe from the parallel zombies.

Step 5: Need More Math Related Ideas?

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