Introduction: Parametric VR Headset

This is a parametric VR headset, the idea comes from google cardboard, but this one is cool because you can make it fit your own face phone and lenses, so you have no need to go out and by anything. I have a video on youtube that will explain how it all works.


This is meant to be used with google cardboard apps, and should work with all phones.

Before we start make sure you have openSCAD installed on your computer download from here.

And download the files from from github if you don't use github then just click on the download zip file button.

Step 1: Put in All of Your Measurments

When you open the file with openscad you will see a bunk of parameters, these are the variables that make the headset parametric. It is already set up with a nexus 6 and what I wanted to have, but you can (and probably should) change any of those numbers to fit what you need.

I have it set up so if you already have lenses you don't need to worry about getting new ones, just put in the parameters under that section and your new headset will fit your old lenses

Step 2: Rendering

If you plan on printing this headset (you should plan on it) then you will need to render the 3 model independent, from each other, This can be done with just 2 variables, render and make_printable.

If you have all of your settings right then you are ready to render the models to print. at this point you can set the make_printable variable to "true" and one at a time change the render variable to the 3 parts, front, face, and strap (that is if you want to print the straps you can also use rubber bands instead) after each part is done rendering (you can render by hitting F6 on your keyboard) export it as an stl file, make sure to do this for each one before rendering all 3 parts.

Step 3: Print and Play

Print your parts out! I would recommend printing the face section in a flexible filament so that it is more soft on your face, and makes a better seal, and if you plan on printing the straps, those for sure need to be flexible or use a rubber band.

At the time of making this I don't have a way of making the two main parts modular (that is planned for the future) so you will have to glue them for now.

strap your phone in with the straps that wrap around your phone and download some VR games from your app/play store.