Introduction: Parastand

This Parastand is meant to make it easier to measure lengths of paracord out. If you want more than 3 feet of paracord all you have to do is double back and so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Parastand

Materials: Screws, saw, wood boards (x2), roll of wire(x3) each of should be at least 15 1/2" long, blocks of wood(x2), 3 foot wooden post, 3 foot ruler, and nails
Board #1 (base): Horizontal: 17 1/2"        Vertical: 18 1/2"
Board #2 (top): Horizontal: 18"     Vertical: 10"

Step 2:

Nail the ruler to 3 foot post

Step 3:

Cut one board so that it forms 1/2 a circle. So it measures Horizontal: 18"
Vertical: 10"    from the center

Step 4:

Drill holes into the top (measure using a spool of paracord). You are going to want to fit 3 spools on the top (so two in back and one in the front).

Step 5:

Next take the blocks (any size) and screw them to the top and bottom (on the back side) of the 3 foot post on the back side. Then screw it to the base.

Step 6:

Screw the top board to the post.

Step 7:

Lastly, feed the wires through the holes and bend the tips at 90 degree angles. (Sorry these picture is really blurring).

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