Parcel Drop Box for $55

Introduction: Parcel Drop Box for $55

I love shopping online and buying electronics parts from china. My packages are getting stolen. Having a personal mailbox at Canada Post cost $30/month which is too much. I decided to make a wooden drop box. My door and opening has some gaps so feel free to adjust the measurements. I had spare drawers I used for the top and bottom. My instructable shows a a regular cover and bottom.

Call your mail delivery service if they will put the parcel in the box!

Winter season is coming up here in Toronto, Canada. I'll post updates on how this box is holding up in our harsh weather.

Step 1: Dimensions

The box is 16x18inx33in

Step 2: Materials

My dropbox is placed on the porch sheltered from rain so I opt away from water resistant material to save cost.

Most of the materials are from Home Depot for convenience but are expensive, Id recommend hardware/dollar stores for cheaper prices.

(144in x 33) Wood (cedar if want water resistant wood) (home depot cedar sheet is $55) (I got the cheapest sheet wood for $20)

(4) eye screws, make sure holes are large enough to fit rod ($3)

(1) rod 18inches - strong one ($5)

(12) 1 inch corner brace ($3)

(2) door hinge, make sure screws extent through wood ($2)

(1) hinge lock ($3)

(1) handle/strap ($1)

(26) long screws, to secure the panels ($7)

(24) small screws, to secure the corner braces ($3)

(1) bike lock ($4)

(1) water proof pad lock ($4)


(1) plastic container ($2)




Step 3: Wood Wood Wood and Making Opener

The opener is 2 pieces of wood put together at a 90 degree angle.

The 2 pieces of wood have

3 corner braces on the inside of the opener.

3 corner braces on the outside of the opener.

5 eye screws on the outside of the opener.

Step 4: Putting Rod and Opener in the Box

I made the mistake of drilling through both side panels to put the rod inside. Now I need nuts to keep the rod inside. Also people can take out the nuts and pull out the rod.

A better solution is drilling halfway into the side panel from the inside and fit the rod in the 2 holes.

That means

1. screw the back panel and side panel together.

2. put the rod inside.

3.thread the rod through the eye screws on the opener.

4. screw the second side panel to the back panel.

Step 5: Adding the Blocker

Screw on the blocker at an upward angle with the corner braces.

I put 1 corner brace at the top and 2 on the bottom for each side.

Step 6: Putting on the Door, Hinge, Latch, Bike Lock and Strap

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    1 year ago

    I see how simple you made it & obviously worked well for your needs. Thank you for posting as I got some very good ideas & a good start to how I'd like to make similar that better fits my needs, thanks again for posting your process.


    2 years ago

    They probably though the stuff was garabage.


    Reply 1 year ago

    "We have a be nice policy.
    Please be positive and constructive."


    6 years ago on Introduction

    How is the particle board holding up after this winter?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Way to go! Has this drop box deterred any further attempts to steal your stuff?