Paris the City of Lights (Mixed Media Collage)




Introduction: Paris the City of Lights (Mixed Media Collage)

This project is combined with mixed media, and collage. It will entail doing dimensional thinking, and creativity.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

The supplies needed for this project is 14X17 Bristol Board, 2 packs of Paris traveling stickers, 1 card, lace scrapbook paper, 12 in back cork ruler, magazines, rubber cement, xacto knife, scissors, pencil and scrap paper. The collage pauge, masking tape, and brush. Is not needed unless you want to straighten your work, and gloss your college.

Step 2: Draw a Broader

First, you will need a piece of bristol board, pencil, and 12-inch ruler. Measure one inch from each side, and draw your border. In the end, it should look like a frame.

Step 3: Magazine Pics

Next, you will need to start looking in magazines. You can find magazines in your local goodwill, book sale, or online stores. Once you found an image that might be useful, cut out the image. In the end, you will end up with all these images.Not all the images will be useful. It depends on what you are making for your collage.

Step 4: Pasting Magazine Images

Once you have an idea of what you want to do for your mixed media college. You take the rubber cement and apply it on the back of the image. Then, you can finally start placing the images on the bristol board.

Step 5: Placing Lace, Stickers, and Images

In this step, it's important as to where you want to place your scrapbooking lace, and stickers. Not only it's important, but you must establish your background, middle ground, and foreground.

Step 6: Adding More

In this step, you can use more paper items such as using some type of greeting cards. I'm using the greeting card to place chairs, making a creek, and a table in between the two chairs. Once I placed the border for the creek I took a xacto knife, and trim the edges off.

Step 7: Tearing to Create Differnt Shades

Once I completed the foreground, I'm now going to complete the middle and top ground. I take the images that resemble the color of the sky and the grass. Once I did that, I ripped the pieces of paper up and placed them on the bristol board. When working with rubber cement it tends to be very messy, to clean up your work. You can use a rubber cement eraser, or use your fingers. The residue will eventually come off, and you will have a nice clean finish. Next, I placed different buildings in the background to establish that dimensional look. The last part is to apply paper that may resemble water, and apply stickers.

Step 8: Critiquing Your Work

Once you finish you can go back, and trim the edges, by using a xacto knife and scissors. Lastly, use a pencil to erase the extra border lines.

Step 9: The End

In the end, you've have created cool looking mixed media collage.

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    6 years ago

    Very beautiful picture. Nice way to recycle old magazines. Very creative idea. You will get my vote.