Introduction: Park Scene

For this scene start with the base of the park then move on to the benches,people,trash can, water bottles,fountain, cement, and welcome sign.

Step 1: Start With the Basic Park

So first, start by making the 300x300 green base as the grass then work on making the cement by getting gray boxes.Then, start making the people by going to characters in your shape menu and select the AstroBot then shrink it to the size you need. Then,work on a fountain (the one I have is good but the design is up to you).

Step 2: Work on a Playground,restrooms,parking Lot,and Tennis Court

The playground is up to you on how you want to design it. So on the restrooms make stalls for each person and you could put a roof on the restrooms if you want. For the parking lot just duplicate the white lines and for the black pavement make a 200x200 black box. For the tennis court use a boxes,AstroBots,and a sphere for the ball.

Step 3: Now the The Houses and the Backyards

For the backyards use boxes, for the fence also use boxes and hole shapes, and for the trees use the asteroid for the leaves and use spheres for the oranges. Now for the houses design them however you want, my houses are all the same they are just all duplicated, for the insides I have a a living room, kitchen, and bedroom. I used boxes and holes for the bedroom, for the living room and kitchen I used boxes,holes,cylinders,polygons, and half spheres. Again its up to you how you want to design it.

Step 4: For the Extra Suff

For the cars use boxes and holes, for the traffic lights use cylinders,spheres, boxes, and holes. And lastly for the welcome sign use the text and make it a hole and use boxes and put the welcome sign on the top.

So I hope you liked my project and PLEASE VOTE FOR MY PROJECT!!!