Introduction: Parking Spot- a Future Solar Charging Pad With Recycled Rubber Tire Mat(pad)

Electric Vehicles with some solar charging options are merging. I live in a perfect solar Zone 8 area in the SW and am considering to purchase what could be the most efficient EV vehicle, with the ability to get up to 44 miles of a free battery charge, by the sun. So I though I would complement this dream by creating a special pad (place) for the vehicle to park during the day when I need to tap into a free solar charge.... Used mainly local materials and recycled rubber tires, for this place to showcase the sustainability all around!

Step 1: Gather Local Rock Materials and Install Drain (PVC) Pipe

So I used various sizes of local rock to form the base of the pad. Placed one 4” diameter pipe across width of pad, as the ground naturally sloped here. This is to direct the main water flow, although the various size rocks do the same, given the slope.
The picture defines the above rock layering/use process and the final outline/edging of the pad with larger rocks.
I had a nearby 120 volt GFIC outdoor outlet near my gate to the driveway so I just tapped into that and added another electric outlet at the end of the pad, in case I need power for charging an EV, when the sun doesn’t shine.
A few local succulents are also shown that were transplanted, to form an outside garden, were contrasting local green colored rocks were laid in place over fabric weed mulch .

Step 2: Compacting and Securing Final Recycled Rubber Tire Roll Mulch.

Compacted each layer of rock, finishing with the loose Decomposed Granite (sand), which forms a smooth even but porous base. Now I just laid a porous roll of recycled tire roll mulch (Perma Mulch) over the packed base. I ran the compactor on that too, but used steel mulch fabric pins too to secure in place.

Step 3: Final View of Completed Pad

Pad ready for future electric car that will have a top skin of solar cells, which will allow the sun to charge the vehicle’s batteries, for up to 40 miles of free driving range.

Step 4: Main Purpose for This Pad Construction

Future EV Electric Vehicle ( Aptera) I hope to purchase and park on this pad, with the hatch facing south, for maximum sun exposure for free solar battery charging.

I have an outdoor water spigot nearby.....Because the pad is porous construction it should also be good for vehicle washing as the water will run through, preventing a muddy base.