Introduction: Parkinson's Self-Feeding Cup

Parkinson's is a progressive condition impacting the central nervous system. As it progressed individuals lose more and more motor control, as well as, an increase tremors and other unwanted movement. These symptoms make daily living tasks significantly harder. One task in particular that causes immense challenges is self-feeding. Many individuals during this phase of the diseases are on liquid or pureed diets to make swallowing easier. This task requires the ability to grip a container, stabilize a straw, and manipulate the container to get out all the contents. For many this is impossible and therefore require someone else to feed them for the rest of their lives.

This specialized cup helps to restore dignity to those with Parkinson's by providing them autonomy. The cup removes the need for grasp by using a universal cuff design, the straw is stabilized by a straw holder, and the container of food can be easily turned or manipulated by pushing the bottom of the cup with gross motor movements spinning the contents.

This cup is an inexpressive tool to help maintain dignity and autonomy!


3D printer

PLA filament in your desired color

Coating Material (polyurethane, sculpey, etc) see step 2

Step 1: 3D Printing

Settings I used:

Infill: 28% grid pattern

Speed: 70 mm/s

Temperature: 210

Step 2: Coating

PLA filament is not food safe on its own. If food is planned to go directly into the cup the full inside just be coated. This can be done with polyurethane or sculpey. The full inside of the main cup and the spinning table should be coated.

*this cup is designed to hold a container, pudding cup apple sauce etc, if this is all that the cup will be used for coating is not necessary but can be done for added for easier cleaning.

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