Introduction: Parrot Biscuit

Hello everyone! Anyone who have a bird or parrot can make these yummy biscuits for their pets or outside birds to show them more love. I hope you enjoy this recipe and I would love to see the photos if you made it as well. Have fun!

Also for the seeds and fruits you can use other things as well.


Here's what you need :

1. A cup to measure

2. A blender

3. One cup of carrots (You can also use dried apples, figs or any other safe fruit and vegetables that your birds enjoy the most)

4. A piece of pumpkin

5. 1/3 cup Sesame seed (You can also you use crushed pistachios, almonds, sunflowers seeds)

6. 1/3 cup Millet

7. 1/3 cup Green flax seeds (or you can use normal flax seeds)

8. Two tablespoons of corn flour

9. 1/2 cup oatmeal flakes

10. 1/2 cup cooked quinoa (Any colour is fine but I used white quinoa)

11. 1/3 cup dried raisins

12. 1/3 cup or less of dried chamomile

13. 1/2 cup of pellets (Any desired pellets) I used ZuPreem and Hagen

14. Two egg whites

15. Baking oil paper

16. A non-stick oven tray

17. Oven

Step 1: Blend the Dry

First blend the pellets, chamomile, oatmeal flakes and two tablespoons of corn flour. Blend until the pellets turn into powder or eatable chunks for your bird.

Step 2: Blend the Wet Food

Blend the carrots with a piece of pumpkin (or with a desired fruit like dried or fresh apples or with figs or different kinds of berries). See what your parrot or birds like the most.

Step 3: Add Together

Add millets, green flax seeds, sesame, or the desired seeds as I mentioned before to the dry mixture. Then add the cooked quinoa.

Step 4: Add the Wet Mixture to the Dry

Mix the dry mixture with the blended carrots and pumpkins. Then add two egg whites and then the raisins. Mix well until everything is mixed up well and even.

Step 5: Set Up the Oven

Let the oven heat in 180 C. Place the oil paper in your pan or tray. Then add the mixture into it and scatter the mixture around evenly.

Step 6: Place Inside the Oven

Place it inside the oven for 15 minutes to 30, it differs in different ovens. Wait until it becomes crispy and golden.

Step 7: Let It Cool

When the cookies are cooked well, bring them out and let them cool down. Then cut them into square pieces. You're done! Store them in a sealed box inside the refrigerator.

Step 8: Bird Approved

Here's the pictures of my parrot, a green cheek conure. His name is Pico and he enjoyed eating his cookies! Happy bird cookie eating! I hope you enjoyed this recipe as well as your birds!

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