Introduction: Parrot Pumice Toy for Beak Cutting

I love parrots very much and I like to invent various toys for their leisure.

Pumice is an excellent natural material that birds can use to clean and sharpen their beak.

Well, let's start making toy.


Step 1: Drill a Central Through Hole in the Narrow Side of the Stone.

Step 2: Preparing the Rope

Bite off a piece of metal rope 16 cm long, after them make a bend in the rope 2 cm long.

Step 3: Put the Bell on the Bend of the Cable

Step 4: Bell Mount

Slide a non-insulated 25 mm wire connector onto the rope. Insert the second end of the rope into it and compress it with pliers.

Step 5: Main Assembly

Connect the structural elements as shown in the photos.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Crimp the second non-insulated 25mm wire connector with pliers.

Step 7: The Toy Is Ready!

It remains to hang it in your pet's aviary and watch the process of the game.