Part 3: 180 Eachine Falcon PDBoard Continuation

Introduction: Part 3: 180 Eachine Falcon PDBoard Continuation

In Part 3 I will start attaching the power lines to the PDBoard.

Step 1: Battery Connection and Standoffs

The short standoffs are for the Flight Controller. I put the connector for the battery in the middle. That way the outside power points are closest to the ESC's.

Step 2: The FC Power Source Cable

I'm going to attach the 5v power line for the Flight Controller at either one of these sites. Doesn't matter which one. Check for shorts and voltage. (My ESC's don't have a 5 volt regulator) if yours do skip this step)

Step 3: Adding the Power Line for Video TX

My VTx is 12 volt. I'm going to use a power line attached to my 12 volt regulator. I could go direct to battery, but that is only if I use only a 3s battery. if you use a 4s battery than the voltage is too high. With the 12 volt regulator on the board you don't have to worry. Check the voltage and connectivity periodically to make sure for no shorts and the voltage is what it is suppose to be. These 12 volt connections can also be used for 12volt LED.

Step 4: Attaching Flight Controller

I replaced the original standoffs with smaller ones. Needed the ceiling space for the motor ESC connections.

Step 5: Last Update July 18, 2016

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    4 years ago

    I flipped the frame around too. Does the board provide power for the camera and vtx or is it just a through link, I guess I should just test it


    4 years ago

    Thats exactly what I did put the power board in the middle I think it was probably originally designed that way