Introduction: Wireless BoomBox

At first, I would like to thanks Instructables !

What I have learned : no need to be a good worker to made nice things, you only need Instuctables.

As I do not have any room left in my house, and I wouldn't throw away an old pair of Sony bookshelf, I decided to turn these two Speakers in two BoomBox !

The goal is a 72 hours minimum standalone Boombox, without any wired connection.( In playing mode)

It should be used as an audio media compatible Bluetooth stereo Speaker . (With a Smartphone)

To complete my project i need to buy another used Speaker to convert it.

I go on ebay to buy one; a 15€ Philips Speaker.

Good news it have a Woox system. (Passive Speaker for better bass).


My apologize for the Audiophile Purists, the object of this instructable is to have a CHEAPER BoomBox but as good enough with recycling materials. So, i don't have calculating any room space acordling to the speakers themself, and reuse the cabinet to put a stereo system. As for the Ampli class D, and there is not any protecting system for the speaker. Thoses BoomBox are 100% standalone. Very Impressive, Cheaper and EASY TO MADE. They sound very correctly even in exterior with people around.


First step, i kept the two WOOD Box from Sony Speaker,

All speaker was disassemble to kept only all speaker, the Wood box from Philips Speaker was throw away.

So i have

- 2 Woods cabinet

- 2 Pair of Woofer, medium speaker, and tweeter

Step 1: Parts 2 - Parts to Grab

x2 - Power On Switch, parts from old electronic

x10 - Switch with light for Volume UP & Down, Next, Previous, Play/pause (2,89€/pcs on AliExpress)

x2 - Bluetooth module with 50W Amp Class D module (10,18€/pcs on AliExpress)

x2 Power Supply with power backup UPS (11,02€ on AliExpress), the one i use was from old electronic parts.

x2 Battery 12V7A, from old electronics.

x1 - Fm Module (7,89€ on AliExpress)

x1 - Fm antenna (2,99 USD on AliExpress)

x2 Power Connecteur from old electronics

x40 Plug connector for Switch

x10 Vintage tack (1.85 USD x100 on AliExpress)

x1 Sticker with Crocodile Effect 7€ from a supermarket store

x1 Pieces of Leather (20€ from Ebay)

x1 Vu meter, Electronic module AND x2 Vu meter for stereo (22.38 USD on Aliexpress)


The first one cost me : 30€

The second one cost me : 50€

Step 2: Wiring

Now go wire

As easy a the plan ....or not .

Step 3: Laser CUT or Wood Cutting

We need to put all speaker and button on wood.

I am lucky enough to have a Laser cutting machine at my work, so with Corel Draw, it is easy to make the trace for the cutting machine.

- In the first picture it is the front of the box.

- The second Picture was for the second Boombox, i ad triangulare wood to make nicer design (engage only me)

and the cutting part for the passive speaker (Woox System).

- The third was for the finish and decoration. A Metal painted Flame on wood (MDF wood).

About the text i would like to make a Marshall TM style font, i found a font named ''Amplify'', a free font, you can download it here :

And the flame i used to hide the cutting and border of the speaker.

Now you need to assemble all of this.

Step 4: The Finish

Now, glue the wood box

Glue the plastic vinyl with crocodile effect and/or the leather

Paint the Wood designed. In front 'Music by Kin' with Marshall TM font like, and paint with a gray metal effect..

Laser engraved a cool design on the back. I love Motorcycling so for me it was two pistons with flame again for recall those printed on wood in front of the two Passive speaker.

Put the sound On


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