Introduction: Parts Storage Case Shelves [Easy]

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If you have a lot of electronics, bolts and nuts, or other doodads, it's hard to beat plastic stoarage cases from Harbor Freight and other similar stores. But how to actually store these cases? This project is a simple way to make shelves for them—here's a video of my process, I'll embed it at the end.

Also, here's one of the boxes shown here from Harbor Freight, but many different types of cases can be accommodated with this method.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need a piece of plywood cut roughly to the size of your boxes, or you can use a table saw if needed. Cut it to the length of the area you'll be putting this in (a workbench in my case).

A 2x4 along with a piece of wood 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inchis is also used as a spacer. You can also use 2x3s, depending on the size of your cases.

Finally, wood glue is used here, and you won't even need any other fasteners.

Step 2: Stack Wood and Glue

Stack 2x4s, spacers, and plywood ad needed, then glue and let dry.

Step 3: Video:

And here's the video! If you enjoy it, I'd invite you to check out/subscribe to my channel - I make all kinds of ridiculous things, so have a look.

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