Parts Washing Stand From Old Stereo Cabinet

Introduction: Parts Washing Stand From Old Stereo Cabinet

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When I did the renovations on my garage, I needed a place for my 5 gallon parts washer.  I wanted it close to my workbench and to be easily accessible.  I had an old stereo stand that I got with my first stereo.  It had been collecting dust in the basement for years, (I have a hard time throwing good stuff away.) 

This cabinet had glass doors and a glass lid.  I removed the glass.  It also had a fixed top shelf with three adjustable shelves below it.  I removed the fixed shelf  because it was too high for the parts washer. I used just on of the adjustable shelves to hold the parts washer at a height that is perfect for me.  Below the washer is the perfect place to keep my bicycle tools, tool box.  

On the stand, I drilled a hole in the top on the back wall to fit a folding light.  In the other corner of the back wall, I used a 1/2" straight gas pipe fitting and attached it using a 1" electrical conduit U strap.  This holds my parts washing brush.  On the wall behind the parts washer, I had an old floor type 45 degree angle electrical plug in box.  I wired this with an old extension cord and plugged it into an outlet.  I plug my parts washer and light into this.

I placed the stand between two filing cabinets and attached the cabinet to the two filing cabinets for stability.  These filing cabinets give me a place to put my washed parts on.  I also put a paper towel holder on a shelf behind the parts washer.

This stand works perfect for my purpose and is a great use of an old stereo cabinet.

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