Introduction: Party Helmet With Drink Holders

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For those that party so hard they need a helmet... made out of a bucket...

(Note- If anyone has any good ideas for names, leave a comment :) )

• A Corona Bucket (Or any other sort of modifiable bucket, this instructable is applicable to metal and plastic buckets)
• Bicycle helmet
• Fabric of choice
• Small washers (The hole should be as large as the rivet you use)
• A small amount of rectangular foam
• Hoop Iron
• Clear Vinyl Tubing 6mm

Optional Materials-
• Paint of choice (and paint brush)
• Hole punch

• Permanent marker
• Mastic
• Hot glue and gun (Or paintable mastic and sealant gun I used a combination)
• Drill (and drilling bits)
• Tin snips (remember safety glasses when using these)
• Scissors
• Matches (Or lighter)
• Sand paper
• Metal file
• Pop rivets and Pop rivet gun (Rivet should be as large as hole for strap)

Step 1: Shaping

This step doesn't really apply to plastic buckets

First you will want to shape the bucket so that it fits your head nicely (but not to snug if you want to pad it out). Usually a slight oval shape will fit.

Step 2: Making Eye Holes

Now you're thinking, this would be awesome if I could see out of it. So with a permanent marker mark out the outside of your eye hole and the (approximate) center. Then take your drill and drill where you've put these holes.

You could also mark out on some paper the size of the eye holes and glue that on to drill/cut around but this is the method I use.

Now you just take your tin snips and cut out the eye holes. This can take a bit and it may be a bit jagged but once you've got the initial shape you can smooth out with the tins snips and than with the metal file. 

Also remove the handle from the bucket, this is where you're going to attach the chin strap.

Step 3: Padding It Out

So you have two choices, get some foam and make a chin strap or pull apart and old bicycle helmet. I chose the latter.
First pull out all the Velcroed foam then take your scissors and cut off the strap.
With the ends of the strap, you'll notice they're frayed so light a match and melt the end to stop it from fraying.
Lay out where you want your foam and use either hot glue or mastic to stick it in place. Also if you have some spare foam you can make it into a rectangle that you can place in between the eye holes.

Step 4: Chin Strap

Now that you have a sealed chin strap, mark out on the strap where you want to attach it to the helmet.

It's best to attach the chin strap to the prexisting holes from where the handle was and also check if you need to shorten the strap so it actually fits in the helmet and around your chin.

Take your scissor (or hole punch) and punch a holes will fit the rivets you have selected. Seal the hole with a match.
Then get a rivet, put it through the bucket, then put the chin strap on and then put a washer on lastly. Apply this to however many holes you have.

Step 5: Lining It

This is probably the only difficult part of this instructable. Firstly get your fabric of choice (I used the underside of cordaro) and trace out the top of the bucket with an extra 5cm all around to tuck into the edge.
Glue (or mastic) around the foam and draw an X in the middle to make sure it sticks down, tuck in the edges.
Then get some more fabric and measure it around the bucket so as to coat the inside.

This step I mainly improvised because it is difficult to calculate the perimeter of the inside of the helmet with the foam, as you will see with the picture I just used patches instead of a continous bit of fabric because I'm lazy.

Get it so that it covers a suitable amount of the inside of the helmet and also the nose piece if you can.

Step 6: Paint It

This last step is optional but for those who want finese about there party helmets I would suggest doing this step. I'm not going to go into it extensively but essentially just paint around the gaps (this is why it'd be preferable to use mastic).

Step 7: Drink Holders

With the drink holders there is a bit of improvisation. I essential guesstimated the size by just getting the hoop iron, bending it around the bucket and riveting it at a suitable point then snipping off the excess. 
I'm mainly going to give tips on how to do it-
•Make the top band around the helmet tighter then the bottom
•Always attach the hoop iron with the rivet and washer strategy, just replace the chin strap and helmet with the two bits you're riveting together
•Make sure that the whole thing has symmetry, not just for aesthetics, because if it's lope sided then your head will be
•If you want to tuck the drinking tube into the helmet, leave excess in the bottom hoop for it (not too much though)
•You can sort of follow the pictures if you want to make it like mine

Step 8: PARTY!?

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                             Special thanks to Sami Gilligan Neilson

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