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Introduction: Party Shoe-Shoes

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Dance the night away by converting some dull, lifeless shoes into the ultimate glam party shoes!

Step 1: Materials

1. Gold polyfoil - a foil coated material which has a thin leather-like flexibility to it. It holds shapes well but is malleable to any shape you need.

2. Strong fabric glue - I love Gutermann and regularly buy the full stock of it from my local craft shop.

3. Suede or fake suede court shoes - anything too smooth and your fabric glue won't stick to it. You can make em pretty comfy for you as well, since the glam will come from what we do to them!

4. Glitter - I used two tones of gold glitter, no need to take a pic - glitter looks like glitter!

Step 2: Material Prep

I'm never very exact with my measurements when inspiration hits, at least this time I took photos!

Cut three sizes of square from your material - mine ended up being around 1cm, 2cm and 4cm squared.

You'll need:

22 of your smallest size,

52 of your middle size

12 of your largest size.

and..oops! 6 of a size between your largest and middle (so 3cm squared)

Step 3: Making Cones

Now you've got your squares cut you'll have to make cones, one by one.

Be prepared to get the glue all over your fingers!

Glue along one side of your square, the aim is to make the two corners on opposite sides of the square meet and stick together.

Gently fold (without creasing) the non glued side into the middle of the square. Then fold the glued side over to sit on top of it.

Press the join together for as long as it takes your glue to hold itself and you'll be left with a pointed cone.

Step 4: Stick Your Cones On

Using the same glue apply some to your cones, and then place and gently press the cone onto the shoe.

You can form any pattern you want, layering the smaller cones over the bigger to provide a tiered effect.

The amounts given on an earlier step enable you to reproduce my design exactly, but you could cover the entire shoe in them.

Be warned: putting anything on the inner side of the shoe will provide difficulty when walking!

Step 5: Any Other Adjustments

I added a ribbon onto the shoe - using the same glue again - to help secure the shoe to my foot, since these shoes were slightly too big for me!

Step 6: Glitter

I used waterproof PVA and gold glitter. It was messy, I got glitter everywhere, even with my folded card to pour the glitter back into the pot!

I was careful not to get glitter on my cones though. I'd always recommend applying the glitter after the cones because the fabric glue adheres to the suede but not so well to the glitter.

Step 7: Finished!

Strut your stuff in your newly glammed up sparkly, structural shoes!

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6 years ago on Introduction

I've searched high and low, any other name the Gold Polyfoil goes by?


7 years ago on Introduction

These are really interesting. Reminds me of New Years Eve! How did they hold up while being worn in the outside world?


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I wore them yesterday and they were all good. I'm not going puddle hopping in them, but they'll withstand wear - granted they're not going to be my new every day shoes!

The shoes turned out so pretty! I love how structual the design looks, and to think of how quick you made it. Awesome job!


Reply 7 years ago

Thanks :) when inspiration strikes you've got to act fast!