Introduction: Passive Cooled Block Erupter

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Cooling bitcoin miners is usually done using a fan, but it can be quiet loud and annoying. Also when using a fan to cool say like 3 erupters you will pay more for the energy then you will ever earn :-/ block erupters aren't profitable anymore but they are a good way to get started with bitcoin mining and learn the basics...

The heatsink isn't only better for dissapating heat, it also makes your miner look cool.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Preparing the Block Erupter and Heatsink

First we'll have to prepare the surfaces where we are going to apply the thermal paste on. I would reccomend to clean it with some alcohol to make sure they are grease-free. Now you can apply the thermal paste,

I got some help with this part as you can see in the pictures, my work is pretty crappy and peabody1929 told me in the comments how you can do it right, this is what he said:

the best way to spread thermal compound is to use a single edge razor blade like a putty knife. Hold the sharp edge against the heating with a 45 degree angle between the blade and the heat sink surface. Pull the blade through the thermal compound across the heat sink. Because the sharp edge of the blade is straight, smooth and stiff, the thermal compound layer will be thin and uniform.

I would suggest you to do this too...

When you have done this with both you can press the two together for 2 hours you can put some kind of weight on it to press it down...

Thermal paste:

Step 2: Time Get Out the Hot Glue Gun

Thermal paste isn't strong enough to hold the erupter in place so you can put a line of hot glue in between the side of the erupter and the heatsink. You don't have to use hot glue, something like two part epoxy will work too...

Step 3: The Result

Now it's time to connect the miner to a computer and start mining, my setup using the heatsink runs at a continues 333mh/s.

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if you have any questions feel free to ask them bellow...

PS: English is not my native language so when you find any spelling faults please let me know:-)