Introduction: Passive Speacker

In this following instructables it's shown how to create step by step a passive speaker. To be able to develop this project you have to ensure to have a glue gun or any sort of glue that can be used for polypropylene. Availability in laser cutting so you can have the files cut into a sheet of polypropylene. And lastly, a phone to try the speaker once you finished.

Good luck! :)

Step 1: Laser Cutting File

This is the laser cutting file. You have to download it.

Step 2: Laser Cut Pieces

To complete this first step download the laser cutting files attached. After you got them cut you can start to assemble piece by piece. You will see that the pieces have different annotations like H1, C1, V1and arrows to have an easier assembly.

Arrows should always face in the same direction.

H stands for horizontal.

V stands for vertical.

C stands for curved.

Note: Check the line weight and settings for your laser cut.

Step 3: Assemble P1 Piece

The P1 pieces is the support for the phone. Before slotting P1, you have to fold the sides, as shown in the picture. Afterward, slot it into the notches and glue it together.

Step 4: Assemble Bottom Suface With V1,V2 and C1, C2 Pieces.

The first pieces to assemble would be V1 and V2. It's important to first assemble them on to the bottom surface piece to start to get some stability. The correct way to insert them into the notches is to have the arrows pointing in the same direction. C1 and C2 are meant to be bent to be able to insert them.

Step 5: Insert Top 2 Peice

With V1, V2, C1, and C2 attached we now can proceed to assemble the Top 2 piece. The notches should align perfectly if step 3 was done correctly. Once slotted you can proceed to glue the pieces together.

Step 6: Assemble V3, V4, H1 and H2 With Top 1

This is the last part of the assembly. Remember to have all the arrows pointing the same direction. First slot the V and H pieces to the bottom and glue them together. When the glue is dry slot and glue the Top 2 piece on top of the V and H pieces.

Step 7: Final

If you are in this step it means you did a great job and you have your passive speaker ready to use!

Just slot your phone and play a song.

Enjoy your new passive speaker. :)

Step 8: Videos