Introduction: Passive Income Multiplier for Amplified Antenna

I wanted to present a simple instructable that was an effective solution to obtain, after the recent transition to terrestrial digital transmission system, a greater profit from my amplified antenna to get a signal sufficient to give an optimal image across all channels.

Step 1: The Amplified Antenna

The antenna is starting a 30 db amplified antenna that after the transition to digital terrestrial proved to be quite good, but not optimal because it allowed them to see a good 10% of available channels, particularly those in lower frequency.
Not having much in-depth knowledge I in scope radio but knowing however the basics, I started with open the plastic shell to locate as had been done really the antenna and to see the shape of radians.

Step 2: The Experimental

I started with the put of radians see Add-ons to improve the characteristics of the antenna and the result was surprisingly satisfying!

Step 3: Final Design

I then designed a form cardboard that reflected the profile used for experiments with something extra to have way to move a bit more radians in case there were any need; I then covered with an aluminium foil (for foods) the loading gauge, leaving out the area where you already have the original antenna's radiating to avoid a short circuit causing radio signal attenuation.

Step 4:

Finally I pasted with double sided tape antenna original radians to combining the same radians to those present in the Interior de la antenna. the first test was already satisfactory; it was necessary, focusing the attention on channels weakest (in my case the three national networks) direct to radio repeaters appropriately, before reaching a compromise which could see normally more channels possible.

Step 5:

When before, without the "ears" I could see many channels but I were withheld from the three national channels and other channels were not always good, now I see with my ears perfectly the three national channels and the quality of those channels that were at the limit of order are improved.
I realize that this realization has no scientific value because all experimental but certainly is effective for the purpose: I avoided the antenna cable that is dedicated to this TV, with minimum effort and 0 expenditure. I hope my realization can help someone, if anyone needs clarification I ask well, I'll be glad to answer it as far as possible, if someone else will give me some advice will be welcome; good Instructables and happy new year to you all. Torx