Introduction: Password System

A password system that you can set a password to lock up things you need. However, I only made the password system, which means you have to find a project that did lock up things. So two of them can combine together.




1. Arduino Leonardo

2. 4×4 Keypad

3. I2C LCD Display

4. Wires

5. Keypad Library

6. I2C LCD Library

7. Wire Library (Should be installed already)

8. Shoebox

Step 1: Buy All the Material

Step 2: Download All the Library

Keypad Library

Wire Library (Should be installed already)

12C LCD Library

Step 3: Attach 4×4 Keypad on Arduino Leonardo Board With Wires ( Make Sure You Insert in the Exact Same Spot)

Step 4: Attach LCD Display on Arduino Leonardo Board

Step 5: Copy the Codes

Step 6: Connect Your Computer With Arduino and Insert the Program

Step 7: Cut the Shoebox, So You Can Fit in LCD Display and 4×4 Keypad

Step 8: Insert LCD Display and Keypad on the Shoe Box. in Addition, Put the Arduino Leonardo Board Inside the Shoe Box

Step 9: