Introduction: Pasta, Hold the Eggs.

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Everyone loves pasta. We especially love egg based pasta. But what if you are short on eggs or need a special diet. this is the answer. Pasta without eggs is generally known as trenette. It is quick and easy to fix, the dough is much more flexible in terms of storage than egg pasta. You can feed a whole lot of people on eggless noodles relatively inexpensively.  Win-Win situation.

One thing I did not realise till later is that eggless noodles are great for camping trips and barbecues.  They cook fast and nothing to refrigerate. Flour, water, salt, cooking oil, and a pot then you are in business. A can of pre-made sauce will really make things nice.

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Step 1: What's Needed.

1 -  cup flour plus some for dusting.
1 - tablespoon cooking oil.
1 - 1/3 cup water

Large pot
Small mixing bowl
Rolling pin or equivalent.

Step 2: Making the Dough.

Mix flour. oil, and water into a ball into the size of a large fist.  You have have to knead it a little to get all the liquid properly distributed. Let rest in the fridge for a half hour or so.

Step 3: A Hot Time on the Town.

Start the water boiling. it will be ready by the tume you finish preparing the noodles.

Step 4: Spreading the Dough Around.

Dust your surface with flour.
Use the rolling pin to spread out the dough.
Split dough in sections for easier management.
Keep dough dry with additional dusting of flour.

Step 5: Make the Uncooked Noodles.

You will want to take one section of you dough and roll it up like a cinnamon roll. Make sure dough is well dusted so that the dough will not stick when you cut into it. Then you want to cut off smaller rolls. Unroll those tinier section and leave out to dry till the water starts boiling.

Step 6: Boil the Noodles.

Gently drop the noodles gently into the boiling water. Be careful not to splash the boiling water on yourself. Do not crowd the water with the noodles. Let cook for a few minutes until the noodles rise. I usually let them stay in the water a bit longer to make sure they are cooked. With a big enough pot, you should not have a crowding problem.   When cooked, empty the noodles in a colander that is placed in the sink. You can run cold water over the noodles to cool them.

Step 7: Toppings.

You can add a simple dash of olive oil or get a bit fancier. I added my own homemade sauce plus some Parmesan. Adding a little salad on the side never hurt.

You can make your own sauce, bread, and cheese:

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