Introduction: Pastel Space Themed Earrings!

Yay! Another pair of earrings! I was actually wondering what sort of theme to follow for my next pair and was considering trying something else a bit dangly. I got inspired from the Space Contest and I thought light colors, stars, and planets work pretty well together, and so this pair of earrings.


  • 1mm thick silverish pink wire
  • 2 gold beads (I used 1 cm diameter each)
  • Thread
  • Pink seed beads
  • 2 clear beads (a bit bigger than the seed ones)
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Paper (even a sticky note will do!)
  • Pencil

Step 1: Drawing Out the Basic Shapes

First, draw out the shapes you'll have to bend later. That way, you'll get the size and shape right for each part.

Draw a circle (2 cm diameter) for the ring of the planet, a basic earring shape, and a small star shape.

Step 2: Bending the Star Shapes

Using your pliers and the drawing as a reference, bend out the star shape.

The sharp bends and angles might be a bit hard to do, but if you pay close attention to what you're doing and get the star's points in similar size you're good to go! Use the wire cutters to cut off the excess at the end.

You'll need 2 stars in total.

Step 3: Bending the Earring Shapes

You basically bend the wire with the drawing as a reference. You can always compare the size and shape to the drawing. (I made this Instructable where I explained how the basic earring shape was made in one of the steps by the way if you want to check it out.)

Since it's a bit hard to slide beads down sharp bends, this is what suggest to do when you make earrings:

First, make a good guess on how much wire will be used for the loop (where the earring will hung) and how much wire space the bead will take and up to where the bead will go. Then, make a sharp bend right above where the bead would be. Slide in the bead through the short end you saved for the bead and loop, bend the loop and the bead is locked in place and won't slide off the earring or jiggle. Next, to get the circular part of the earring right, bend the wire around a pencil. The last thing you do is straighten the end, make the small, sharp bend at the end that earrings have, and cut off the excess with the wire cutter.

Or you know- just follow the pictures.

Then you just repeat and make a second earring.

Step 4: Making the Planet's Ring

To make the ring, bend a circular shape. The marker I used had the same size as the circle on the drawing from earlier.

Bend one end inwards and cut off the other end. Through the end going inwards, slide in your planet bead and position it in the middle of your planet ring before bending the end into a knot sort of shape to lock the bead in there. To keep the bead from sliding the other way, just dab a little glue in its hole on the other side.

Now just make 2 of them.

Step 5: Making the Planet Suspenders

Tie 2 pieces of thread onto the sides of the planet's ring. Measure each of the string and leave a mark at the 2 cm point. Thread pink seed beads in each string until they reach the 2 cm mark and then just tie the 2 strings together.

Do the same with the second planet.

Step 6: Assembling Time!

Assemble everything with jumper rings (the little rings you find in jewelry).

Make 12 jumper rings by curving the wire repeatedly to make a circle. Open 1 ring a bit and link another jumper ring and a star shape from earlier, then close it up.

Next, link 1 jumper ring to each of the 2 bottom points of the star shape, and link a third jumper ring to those 2 rings.

Then open another jumper ring and link both the jumper ring from before and the planet by the knotted area in the suspender.

Lastly, all you need to do is repeat the assembling with the remaining 6 jumper rings and the remaining parts you made.

Step 7: Done!

Oh yes.

You now have pretty pink pastel planet earrings!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggest any ideas for me to try next time!

Have a great day guys, and stay safe!

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