Introduction: PatPet – an Interactive Pillow Pet

PatPet is an emotional pillow that reacts to our behaviors, just like how pets interact with us.

It has three emotional status: calm (sleepy), cheerful and angry.

When we do nothing with it, its blue breath light will turn on and off.

When we pat it gently, it will be happy and shake a little bit with light turned green.

However, if you hit it really hard, it will keep trembling for a while and turn red.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

The picture shows what we need to use for making PatPet.

Regular materials for making a pillow, Arduino, RGB LED lights, vibration motor, and piezo sensor.

Step 2: Sew a Pillowcase

You can design the pillow as you like. Do some sketch if needed.

The basic instructions are:

Cut two pieces of fabric in same shape;

Sew them together from the back side, but leave some space for zipper;

Sew the zipper;

Turn the inside out.

Step 3: Understand the Function, Code and Circuit

In order to achieve three status, we will need Arduino listens to sensor's input and trigger functions accordingly.

[Link to the code]

When the sensor is lightly touched, Arduino will run the Pat function. When it is hardly knocked, Arduino will run the Hit function.

The circuit should be the same as the image.

Step 4: Connect Components

Follow the circuit layout, and connect sensor, lights and motors all together. Upload the code and test it.

Step 5: Put All the Things Inside Pillow With Stuffing

Do this step very carefully, and use tapes to stabilize components if necessary.

Step 6: Play With It!

By acting like a cute creature, PatPet may give us a healing feel.