Introduction: Patatas Bravas Con Aioli

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Patatas Bravas Con Aioli, a Spanish dish made with potatoes covered in garlic mayonnaise and then topped with a spicy tomato sauce called salsa brava.


1 Kilo of potatoes
3/4 cup of Olive Oil (1/2 for 2nd step, 1/4 for 3rd step)
1/2 cloves of garlic (For Step 2) and 1/2 cloves of garlic (For Step 3)
3 chili basque peppers
Tomato sauce
1 egg
Lemon juice

Step 1: Cooking the Potatoes

How to prepare potatoes: Wash potatoes and let drain, then cut potatoes into small pieces. In a pan, put the olive oil over medium heat and then confit the potatoes for 20- 30 minutes. After this take out and let cool.

Step 2: Spicy Tomato Sauce

In a frying pan, put olive oil, chopped garlic and chopped basque pepper. When it starts to brown, add the tomato sauce and let the whole thing cook on low for two minutes. Then, let it cool down.

Step 3: Garlic Mayonnaise

Crack the egg into a bowl, then place in the blender, add the salt and the lemon juice. Pour the olive oil little by little, while the blender is on, wait until it thickens, then put in the garlic. You will then mix the potatoes with the Garlic Mayonnaise.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Then top the potatoes with the spicy tomato sauce in little drizzles (or if you like your Meals saucy, dump some on top)
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