Introduction: Patch Brooch Pin

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Recently I got a cute iron-on-patch of my fav anime. I don't want to fix it to only one of my bag or t-shirt forever. So I changed it to a brooch pin.
It's quite easy! If you have skill of making your own patches (I envy you ;D) it would be awesome work!

=== Materials & Tools ===

- patch (iron-on-patch is easier)
- felt sheet (over 2mm(0.08in) thick is best,  I glued two pieces of 1mm sheet)
- pin
- fabric glue clear type
- thread and needle or super glue

- steam iron
- scissors
- toothpick or tiny spatula

=== Steps ===

1~2. Put a patch on a felt sheet. Cut the felt out with some allowances to the patch.
If your patch is not iron-on type, glue the patch with fabric glue to the felt sheet and dry it.

3. (if your patch is iron-on type) Press the iron with steam on the patch to the felt sheet. Using presser cloth is better.

4. Cut the felt sheet out to contour shape of the patch. place the pin with small felt sheet piece for the mount. If you are more lazy and have super glue, you don't need the mount.

5~6. Put fabric glue to the contour of fixed patch and felt sheet with toothpick or tiny spatula. Dry it. It's better not to touch the contour  anywhere, I used cardboard to keep it. You can use anything - pet bottle caps, tiny box...etc.

7~8. Attach the pin. Sew the pin to the mount and fix it by superglue on the back. Or just attach the pin to the back by superglue.

It's done! Enjoy :D

****Don't think about selling when you use copyrighted character patches. Thanks!***