Introduction: Patching a Hole With Skewers

A couple of seasons ago, one of my pontoons got some water in it.  To remove the water I liberally drilled holes in the pontoon and forced air through it for a month or two.  When the time came to patch the holes, this is what I did.

1.  I stuck short pieces of skewers into a hole I wanted to patch until they fit snugly, and then I put an elastic around that bunch.   Don't let them fall in if you are working with a sealed pontoon!

2. I mixed Marine Epoxy with sawdust.

3.  I covered the skewers with the mix and put them back in the hole, filling all the gaps with epoxy/sawdust.

4.  After it dried I used an angle grinder to carefully (CAREFULLY, and angle grinder will EAT YOUR BOAT if yo let it :D) flatten the surface of the boat.

5.  I took pictures because the ends of the bamboo look cool :).

6.  I covered the flattened patch with more epoxy and/or resin paint.

7.  After _that_ dried we went sailing!  (The person in the last picture is not me)