Introduction: Patchless Patch - Fix Your Jeans!

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Trendy jeans these days come pre-distressed with holes and gashes galore. Sometimes gashes become holes, and sometimes holes become bigger holes, and sometimes these hole happen right where you wish they wouldn't.
Sewing an actual patch of something over these holes would infinitely reduce their coolness, meanwhile indicate how uncool the wearer is for not appreciating the inherent coolness of the holes.
So I came up with a quick tutorial on how to repair a hole in your clothes without using a patch, in a way that can coexist with the intrinsic coolness of the jeans themselves.

Step 1: Materials

  • one holey garment
  • thread in at least one cool color
  • sulky (or other) water soluble stabilizer (that's where the magic lives!)
I had the 'paper' kind around. They make a bunch of different weights of the stuff - pick what you like best. They'll all work for this.

Step 2: Sew

  • Tear a piece of stabilizer big enough to cover the hole and pin to the wrong side of the garment (the inside of the jeans), closing the gap the hole makes.
  • Sew crazy!
  • Unpin

Step 3: Wash

  • Remove the stabilizer by running it under water

Step 4: Wear

  • You're done!
  • You may want to dry them before you put them on. Personal preference.