Introduction: Patchwork Chicken Placemats

I will show you the making of some beautiful placemats in cotton fabric with the figure of a chicken. Patchwork application technique is used, with adhesive cloth and thread hand embroidery.


  • Cotton fabrics of different colors
  • Adhesive interlining
  • Skein threads of various colors
  • Parchment paper (to trace image)
  • Needles for hand embroidery
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Iron

Step 1: Choose Your Ckicken Figure

Choose the color of the hen desired, and the parchment

Step 2: Trace

Trace each of the parts, leaving a half centimeter tab.

Step 3: Cut Molds

Trim molds on parchment or acetate

Step 4: Stick the Back Side of the Adhesive Interlining Fabric

Stick the back of the adhesive interlining fabric leaving the ironing paper. Do not remove the paper since the figure will be traced on it

Step 5: Trace Mold on the Fabric

Trace mold on the fabric on the side of the paper, take into account turning the mold so that the figure is on the right.

Step 6: Cut Pieces on the Fabric

Cut out the pieces of the figure of the hen on the fabric, we proceed to order them in the placemat

Step 7: Remove Paper and Iron

Having already the armed figure we remove the paper and proceed to iron, putting pressure on the parts.

Step 8: Choose Threads

Choose threads of different colors to embroider.

Step 9: Embroider

Make embroidery on each part of the chicken and iron.

Step 10: Finish

Embroider all applications, iron and make the desired frame.

I show you other designs combined with paint finishes.

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