Introduction: Patchwork Demon

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If traditional stuffed animals no longer entice you, or if you just like gluing things to other things, read on...

Step 1: Supplies!

You can use a wide variety of items for this project, but if you wish to recreate mine, you will need:

Some form of stuffed animal(I used a traditional teddy bear)

A hot glue gun

a pair of fuzzy gloves

Any lightweight dark cloth(I ruined an entire t shirt)

Wire or any thin bendable objects



a lack of a social life


Step 2: To Start...

Cut off any arts of your animal you deem unnecessary. Seal the gaps with hot glue.

I removed my bear's eyes so I could reconfigure the head shape, but this isn't necessary, especially if removing the eyes of a stuffed bear damages your delicate constitution.

I cut off the arms as well, so I could have a space to put the wings.

Step 3: The Wings

Now for the hand wing dealies. After all, you can't have a stuffed demon without a little body horror. Or maybe I'm just cheap.

Put your wire inside the top, bridging from the entrance to the end of the pinky finger. If you want to give the wings some depth, fold them and glue along the crease. You may have to glue the thumb to the back.

We will attach the wings after this next step.

Step 4: Everything's Better With Spikes

Cut some spike shapes out of foam and glue them to the back, the head, or wherever you feel it is appropriately spooky. Make sure they aren't in the way of where we intend to put the wings.

Step 5: The Wings (Part 2)

Stick the wire end into your bloodless arm stumps and glue around the perimeter.

That is all.

Oh, and if you want to stuff the wings beforehand, that's cool too.

Step 6: Illegally Blind

I was going for a fallen angel type thing, and since I had to remove my bear's eyes, this happened. If you did the same thing, just cut a black strip of cloth and glue it to the head.

Step 7: You're, Like, Totally Done!



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