Introduction: Patient Monitor Using Arduino Uno

About: biomedical engineer

Patient monitor is a board used to monitor (Spo2, heart rate,air humidity,air temp and Body Temp)

and I used arduino uno (Atmega328p) as a controller for this project

and I have designed an Android App to receive this data and display it ,so I can send it to a database or anything other than just displaying it on Oled screen.

and in order to reduce the PCB size I used the Arduino on breadboard(that means I used only the micro controller without the big and bulky blue board).


  1. Atmega 328p (1)
  2. DHT11 (1)
  3. LM35 (1)
  4. lm7805 (1)
  5. HC-05 (1)
  6. 22pf (2)
  7. 16Mhz crystal (1)
  8. 10kohm resistor (1)
  9. push button (1)
  10. 0.33 uF(1)
  11. 0.1 uF (1)
  12. 1 kohm (1) resistor
  13. 2 kohm (1) resistor

Step 1: Change the Boad Rate of HC-05 to Match the Max30100 (115200)

you have to use At command in order to change hc05 baud rate

It's explained here

Step 2: Connect Every Thing

don't forget to setup a voltage divider using 1 and 2 kilo Ohm resistors, since the Hc05 is using 3.3v and Arduino 5v

Step 3: Arduino to Bread Board

use the instructions given in this link to setup your Arduino and upload the code to it

Step 4: Finally for the Mobile App

this App is designed using

this is aia file you can upload and deploy on your mobile

Step 5: