Introduction: Patrick Star

How to draw Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.


1. Paper

2. Pencil

3. Really Good Eraser

Step 1: Patrick's Body

Sketch a circle in the middle of the page.

Step 2: Patrick's Head

Sketch an oval just above the circle. Make sure the oval overlaps with the circle.

Step 3: Patrick's Top Head

Sketch a very small oval just above the large oval. Make sure that it's slanting to your left and overlapping with the other oval. This is the top of Patricks head.

Step 4: Patrick's Arms

Sketch two diagonal ovals at the top of the circle, just underneath the head, and have them overlap with the side of the circle.

Step 5: Patrick's Legs

Sketch two vertical ovals at the bottom of the circle, and have them overlap with the circle.

Step 6: Patrick's Mouth

Sketch a line near the bottom of the head, and slant it to give it a smile.

Optional: Sketch a half circle underneath the line to widen his mouth. Then draw a wide 'm' at the base of the mouth for his tongue.

Step 7: Patrick's Eyes

Sketch two small ovals next to each other at (your left) side of his head. Make the outer eye overlaps with his head.

Step 8: Patrick's Pupils

Sketch two small pupils as shown on the picture.

Optional: You can widen the pupils to give him a surprised expression.

Step 9: Patrick's Eye Lids

Sketch two lines above the pupils for his eye lids.

Optional: Don't do this step if you want him to look more surprised.

Step 10: Patrick's Eye Brows

Sketch two slanted 'w's as shown in the picture.

Step 11: Patrick's Shorts

Sketch one line just above the legs as shown for the top of the waistband. Proceed to sketch the outline of the shorts as shown in the picture.

Step 12: The Circles

Lightly sketch little circles as shown in the picture. These circles will help you to connect the body later on.

Step 13: Connecting the Dots

Connect the circles as shown.

Step 14: Erasing the Lines

Erase the sketch lines as shown.

Step 15: Erase the Circles

Erase the little circles as shown.

Step 16: Outline

Outline Patrick Star.

Step 17: Patrick's Flowers

Sketch and outline Patrick's flowers to complete his shorts.

Step 18: The Finishing Touches

Draw Patrick's belly button, and then add some marks for details as shown above.

Optional: Color him. Use pink for his body, light purple for his eye lids, green for his shorts, and purple for the flowers.