Introduction: Patriotically Green

Show off your patriotism and love of the environment by making a flag from old clothing.
I've been wanting to decorate, but couldn't stand the thought of exchanging currency for petroleum based decor. Using 3 pairs of pants (that were damaged and destined for the dump) I created some Lone Star State pride.

Step 1: Pick Your Material

Always ask your local thrift store if they have any clothing that can't be sold. If the clothing is usable, don't tear it up. All three of these pants were either torn, or stained and couldn't be sold.

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Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

Cut off the legs; then cut off the inseam to open up the leg. Cut off the bottom hem.
The pants will want to pucker, so pull up at one end, pin, then sew down flat. Cut off the excess.
Cut rectangles using the dimensions in the picture.
The measurements give you a 1/2 inch seam allowance on all sides.

Using the second white pant leg, cut out a star.

Step 3: Sewing

Lay out your pieces and straighten up any edges.
Pin the red and white sections together, then sew together.
Pin the star to the blue section.

Sew the star on first, using a loose zig-zag stitch all the way around. Go around again with a tighter zig-zag for a more polished look.

Now pin the blue section to the red & white sections and sew.

Hem around the entire edge.


Step 4: Texas State Flag

Now you have your Lone Star decoration.
This one is just for decoration, and will be glued to the wall, so one side is fine. For a double sided one, just duplicate the front, but the blue will go one the right side instead of the left. You will have to sew them together, turn inside out, and then sew along the sections to keep it together.

Making an American flag will be the same procedure, but will require a lot more time. I may, or may not get that one done today.

Hope to get some bunting decor made next week. Until then, Yippe Ki-Yi-Yo Y'all!

If your state has a complicated flag, I guess using a printout iron-on transfer would be best. (Or better yet, defect to our lovely state and enjoy a whole new culture.)