Patriots Logo

Introduction: Patriots Logo

In this instructable, I will walk you through building a logo of any kind out of wood.


-A computer


-A pencil

-A saw

-A file

-Wood glue

-1/4 inch piece of wood

-1/2 inch piece of wood

-Disposable Gloves

-Spray Paint

-C clamp


-Saw tooth picture hanger

-1/2 inch nails

Step 1: Starting and a Couple of Steps

To start, I picked out the logo I would be using. I carefully designed it so that I could stack the wood on top of each other to form what you see at the beginning. This is where it is important to have a computer. I traced the picture onto a piece of paper and then cut it out. You will need to do multiple of these so you will be able to stack the wood. In the original picture that you saw, there is the white, red and blue background, the bit of white on the patriot, a bit of blue on the patriot, a bit of red, the silver face and a white star. After you have all these pieces traced out, you are going to want to trace them onto the 1/4 inch of wood. You will then want to use a saw to cut out the shapes. Because I don't own an electric sander, I had to use a file to smooth the edges to the best of my ability and to get the curves I wanted. In the end, it should leave you with shapes such as these pictures. Like in the pictures, you will want to make sure that all the pieces of wood fit like a puzzle. After you cut out the main base of the logo, you will want to choose the length of the background's base. This is an optional length and width. I chose the height to be 1/2 an inch. I cut it into a square and thought that it fit correctly.

Step 2: Painting

Next, I started painting. It is important not to glue your items before this because it will become way harder to complete. So, individually, I painted each part of the patriot. The white part is the main base and the star, the blue part was next, then the red tails/flags, then the silver face, then the white star. Some of the parts took multiple layers, specifically the lighter colors. I then let the main part of the logo dry and started on the main background. For the background, I started by spraying a white primer onto the 1/2 inch piece of wood and let it dry. This was just to help the paint stick to it. I then filled a painter bucket up to the brim with water and brought it to my designated spray painting area. I picked my colors, red and blue and began the process of spraying the colors into the pool of water. When I was satisfied with the colors, I slowly dunked the 1/2 inch piece of wood into the spray painted water. Once fully submerged, I wiped the spray paint still sitting at the top of the water close to the edges and pulled out the piece of wood, creating the hydro-dipped image in the picture above. The disposable gloves are optional but I recommend people use it because it takes days to wash the paint off. I gave this 24 hours to dry.

Step 3: Finishing Up

After giving a sufficient amount of time to dry all of the different pieces, you can start to glue the 1/4 inch pieces together. You will place glue on the back of the pieces and use c-clamps to hold the wood together. I didn't glue multiple pieces together at the same time to try and get the piece as precise as possible. This process can take long because you have to glue then wait for the glue to dry. A couple of hours is usually enough time. Before you can glue the logo to the background, you will want to flip it onto the back and nail on a saw tooth picture hanger. This is if optional but should be desired if you want this on your wall. After you carefully center it and nail on the hanger, you can finally glue the logo onto the front of the background. Leave time for it to dry and you have completed your first logo. These can be used for any logo. If you follow the instructions, you will most likely have success.

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    2 years ago

    I guess it is okay as a work of art... but the Patriots...? I dunno man. ;)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Personally, I am a seahawks fan but I made this for Christmas for my grandma who is a patriots fan