Pattern Ply

Introduction: Pattern Ply

What originally began as a project to create a simple surface pattern has evolved into a more in-depth investigation into larger modular surfaces, 2-Dimensional graphic patterns, as well as the effects of light and shadows. Using the first hand-made pattern molds as a guide, the original modular shape was re-constructed and re-sized using Rhino 3D. Using a CNC router, the digital files were output onto small pieces of 3/4" Baltic Birch Plywood for testing. After the small tests, it was decided to group the individual molds into a larger combined surface structure in Rhino to increase cutting efficiency. The resulting plywood panel is a multi-faceted, modular object containing 2-D graphic elements within a 3-D surface that looks markedly different under varying lighting conditions.
This project is about to enter a new phase with more work going into new patterns, determining the acoustic resonance of different surface pitches, as well as investigating the potential of custom-made plywoods and other materials for this application. Look for a Kick-starter soon!

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