Introduction: Patterncube

"Have you ever had a three-dimensional experience with us who have never encountered a three-dimensional light?" I started with the idea.

You can create new light by spreading light from the ball, and the colors design the cube's pattern and experience various animation effects.

Step 1: Materials

1. WS2812B-led-strip (512 LEDS)

2. Pingpong ball

3. PCB

4. Steel-wire

5. Penhole

6. Copper-wire

7. Spongepins

8. Power-supply-SMPS

9. Glue-gun

10. Arduino

11. Particle

12. Portable electric grinder

13. Nipper

Step 2: Cutting and Trimming PCB Board

A total of 512 pieces are cut with nippers according to the number of 8 horizontal and 5 vertical holes.

Then polish the pcb board with the hand grinder.

Step 3: Ws2812b Work

Use the glue gun on the back of ws2812b to attach it to the pcb board.

Step 4: Soldering

See how to solder!

And use soldering iron on the gray areas to solder.

Step 5: Ball Jig

This is a jig design for drilling a ball.

You must make a jig for the repetitive task of drilling the ball.

The diameter was drilled to 1mm to prevent the light from diffusing out of the ball.

Step 6: Jig to Connect Ball and Steel-wire

You will need this jig from the next step.

Dig a groove to fix the wire on the jig.

And space them apart by the ball size.

Step 7: How to Make

For ease of explanation, the jig was only drawn up as a schematic in the previous step.

Make sure you reference it.

Insert the wire into the four holes of the pcb board.

Step 8: How to Make

Copper wire is coded with insulating material so current must be peeled off the coated insulating material.

The stripped copper wire is wound around four wires.

Step 9: How to Make

Solder the stripped copper wire around the steel wire.

Step 10: How to Make

Penholes hold the steel wire. So put it in the wire and hold it with the nipper once more.

The next step is to melt and run lead between the penhole and the steel wire.

Step 11: How to Make

Insert the drilled ball through the steel wire.

Step 12: Schematic of How to Connect Pcb Board

This is a schematic of how 5v and Gnd are connected and how In and Out flow current.

The second picture is a jig made temporarily to make 8 balls in a line.

Step 13: Representation of Schematic

Connect out and In lines with copper wires.

Step 14: How to Connect

The steel wire connects the Arduino.

Connect the power supply to the 5V wire.

Step 15: Intermediate Stage

This is 8 lines. You should make 64 lines like this.

Step 16: Make a Design

It's a design for connecting 64.

And based on the design we made.

Step 17: A Finished Look

Watch the video!

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