Paw Patroller

Introduction: Paw Patroller

My first idea was to make the fabulous Mission Control Desk from Jeff Highsmith.

But my son was only 3 years old and he was more interested in Paw Patrol than space conquest.
So I modified my plans to add a touch of his favorite heroes to the project.


  • 10mm LEDs
  • MCP23017
  • 3 bits 7 segments
  • 4 bits 7 segments
  • Switchs
  • Dupont
  • MP3 SV8F
  • 5mm RGB LEDs
  • 5mm LEDs
  • Arduino MEGA 2560
  • 3W Speaker
  • Push buttons
  • HT16K33
  • Ledbars
  • Potentiometers
  • Breadboards
  • Led Matrix

Step 1: The Frame

The structure will take place in the closet of his room. So he can close the door to play.

The structure is made from wood and all the panels are 3d printed.

Step 2: Wiring

I've made all the wiring with old phone cable.

Every IC is plugged on the bread board and linked with dupont cable.

All the circuit is powered by a 5v power supply.

Lights are managed by the HT16K33 and switches by the MCP23017.

Sounds are on the SV8F board and broadcated by a 3W speaker.

Step 3: Programming

The arduino code is available here :

It's a fork from

Every switch has an action (light and/or sound).

Some events are triggered randomly or timed depending sitches status and ledbars / 7 segments values.

Step 4: Final Result

Here is the final result.

Each bottom push button represent a puppy. Badge, light and sound.

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